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The high quality of the MCA Care & Charity programming will

enhance the international significance of the care & charity causes


MCA Care & Charity Television will maximize to your care & charity organization a pan-European donation potential of 10 billion Euros on an annual basis, of which your organization will receive a significant percentage.


MCA Care & Charity Television will also find for your care & charity organization an irresistible 'donation kick' based on specially created and customized care & charity advertising through our top Swiss advertising partner.


MCA Care & Charity Television will award MCA's own 'MCA Donation Seal' to efficient and well managed care & charity organizations.


MCA Care & Charity Television will also host the annual 'MCA Care & Charity Awards' in which three selected care & charity organizations will receive awards in a lavish 'Care & Charity Reality Show'. This event will take place in world famous VIP locations like St Moritz, Gstaad, Zürich, Monte Carlo, Marbella, Barcelona, Paris, London, New York, Dubai, Bahrain, Rio de Janeiro etc.


MCA Care & Charity Television will help your care & charity organization to maintain a first class image and would also restore a 'trustworthy image' if your care & charity organization has suffered from unexpected setbacks.


The MCA Care & Charity TV program will lead to more cost efficient collection of donations.

The volume of donations will increase, while the cost will decrease.


Care & Charity organizations and foundations which do not use the comprehensive Services of MCA Channel could be in the future, regarding the size of incoming donations, on the losing side.


Through the present sale of MCA participation certificates in a purchase value of at least 100,000 Swiss Francs you will become with your care & charity organization automatically an MCA VIP Member and a preferred member of our pan-European television broadcasting.



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