With our MCA Care & Charity programs, we encourage generosity  and improve the image 

of aid agencies MCA Benefits for  the Care & Charity Society MCA Care & Charity Television


The unique approach of MCA Care & Charity Television brings the care & charity organizations also unique advantages:


MCA Care & Charity Television reaches every day during 24 hours about 500 million screens in Europe including Eastern Europe. Of these, in MCA Channel’s broadcasting first year startup phase a minimum 1 per cent of television viewers are expected. So every day around 5 million people will attend care & charity organizations and/or interesting documentaries in six languages, namely, in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian.


MCA Care & Charity Television potential audience will grow in the second year of operations to up to 2 per cent, which corresponds to approximately 10 million European MCA Metamorphos Channel viewers, who see your care & charity organization continuously, and will get to know and love it!


MCA Care & charity Television is for you and your care & charity organization a completely new and unprecedented, extraordinarily yielding and continuous pan-European ‘MCA Channel donation platform’.


MCA Care & Charity Television shows its viewers in the 24 hours of broadcasting rhythm the customized profile of your care & charity organization as well as the documentaries created by yourselves!


MCA Care & Charity Television not only convinces you and your care & charity organization with its unrivaled quality, but above all, the pan-European MCA Channel viewers, and thus promotes their willingness to donate by a great deal! The willingness to donate is supported by the special trustworthy environment, created by the MCA Channel with its Good News and heart touching stories from the world of care & charity organizations.


MCA Care & Charity Television is thus implementing your national and international care & charity projects in an ‘all comprehensive and everything guaranteed’ way.


We are very pleased to be able to present our long-standing dear friend and internationally known artist "LOTHAR GUDERIAN" here on our website !

See him on last page in this web.

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