Artist Katya Brozovskaya "RADHA"

from Monte Carlo - Monaco


RADHA, is a famous member of our Metamorphos Channel and the Metamorphos Foundation, she is a excellent Artist with a great Spirituality.

RADHA is born 1985 in a small Village up in the mountains in Russia, and live now since 10 years in Monaco-Monte Carlo, working in her studio creating her wonderful and humoristic Oil paintings.

RADHA was beginning painting when she was 14, as her famous Artist-Uncle was teaching her all the techniques, she needed to learn, and we are agree, that she have a great talent for the art.

She traveled also to India and Asia, and received here spiritual name "RADHA" from a "GURU" who told her that she will have a great international future in art.

RADHA was also in Asia, because she love very much the Culture and the people in Asia, and this is the reason, why she create and paint here special Asia series in Oil on Canvas.

RADHA, is so lovable and give our MCA Channel from each selling Oil painting, 25 percent of the sale price as a Donation! 

We are very grateful and will support the paintings in our website.

The price level of her wonderful oil paintings  are from Euro 3.500,- up to 25.000,-

It is also possible to order a painting with a special motive as you wish.

Please be so kind and browse in her Art work and send us your ideas or questions, after we will connect you direct with RADHA.

Thank you very much for you interest!

MCA - Metamorphos Channel - Care & Charity Society




60 x 80 cm




Oil Paintings on Canvas

Measures 80X90 cm, 60X50 cm & 120X80 cm


1. Baby Prince 80X90 cm


2. Three man eating nudels 60X50 cm


3. Three Vintage Dolls 60X50 cm


4. Woman with green tea


5. Woman with Sushi


6. Man with fish


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